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Anne is a Dallas native who  entered UT Austin with an Associate Degree in Fashion Merchandising and graduated  with a Bachelor Of Science in Communications.

After college she moved to Brazil and spent more than two decades working in International Fashion Markets, first as a model and then as a fashion consultant.

She has global experience in diverse markets and has worked  actively with charities around the world. As the liaison to Dell in their move to South America, she worked closely with both the government and private sector to facilitate the move into their new market. Anne has owned and operated an interior design store in Brazil and her product lines have graced the pages of publications such as Casa Vogue and Wallpaper.

She’s back in Dallas and is the go-to fashion guard for Dallas’ elite shoppers as well as catering to Brazilians shopping in the DFW area. Anne addresses everything from wardrobe editing and fashion events to interior design and art curation. Check out her Blog – PASSION FOR FASHION and follow her on Pinterest for new ideas that translate into a chic and modern style  guide for every fashionista.