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Select from a shopping session for that special occasion or a total makeover.  Below are some options to

SPRING CLEAN Revamp your closet. Out with the old and in with those key new pieces that make your closet pop. At the same time, rediscover pieces you weren’t giving value to. $95/hr

PERSONAL SHOPPING Targeting the look you want to achieve with style and panache. $135/hr (3hr minimum)

CLOTHES BOARDS Make your life easy with photo flash cards. Everything you need to dress and accessorize is digitally cataloged for fast and efficient dressing. $175/hr

DAY OUT This package is designed to update both your closet and you. If you are looking for a new look, this is a good place to begin. $740 TO $940

  • Style consultation (1 hr)
  • Spring Clean (2 hrs)
  • Personal Shopping (5 hrs)
  • Hair/Make-Up consultation

THE TRANSFORMER  This package is designed to reinvent, renew and revive your personal style. $1,870

  • Style consultation (1 hr)
  • Color evaluation (45 min)
  • Spring Clean (3 hrs)
  • Personal Shopping (8 hr)
  • Hair/Make-Up consultation
  • Photographic Memory